Latest wedding ring designs

January 21, 2021

The engagement ring symbolizes love and devotion. It is the first step towards pledging for a common future.

To pick the right one, we asked the experts for help. Kaja from Jewellery Sterle has prepared some tips to help you find a dream engagement ring for the love of your life.

Think of your darling first. To her style and character. Is she a simple or more glamorous person? Does she like more classic or modern shapes? Has she ever told you what she likes? 

Because she's going to wear the ring. If she's going to like her, she'll be even more excited and happy to wear it.

Now let's take it one at a time:

Before you go for an engagement ring, specify the indicative amount you're willing to subtract for the ring. It will help you discuss options with the chosen jeweler at 黃鑽石.


It is important to take enough time when choosing an engagement ring and choose the right one. It is recommended at least a month or two before the scheduled engagement. 

It may not be the size of the ring you want, but you may decide to make it to your liking,... all this should be taken into account in order to keep the engagement ring in order in time.

The most popular are the gold engagement rings. The engagement ring can be made in white, yellow or red gold. Currently, the most common choice is an engagement ring in white gold.

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