Framed wall art sets

September 29, 2020

 As opposed to purchasing a classic that's a very old piece of furniture that could have signs of cracks and suffer from losing performance, you might make a distressed appearance. 

They look great in any decor that needs a touch of the tasteful French or other European sense to add personality to the room or house.

Here is how to make the distressed finish on furniture. In case the wood was painted previously, sand the wood gently so the paint to adhere properly. 

Wear safety glasses before you start, and fill an old pillowcase with bolts and nuts, and utilize this to pound areas of the timber to generates dents.

You may create a small number or many regions of dents in accordance with the look that you would like. Use a chisel and lightly chisel away a few scratches into the furniture on the surfaces in addition to on some borders. You should use a hammer and gently hit the wood with the border of the hammer to make these indents.

Don't overdo these scratches, but make only enough to give you the appearance you want. Apply a paint coat to the whole piece and let to dry. The color is left up to you and many people utilize creams, beiges, and white, for instance, translucent finishes that'll allow the nature of the wood to show through.

Once dried, sand regions of the surface and edges with sand paper to create regions of weathering on the timber according to your preference. In case you utilize fine paper, this effect will be subtle, but if you utilize a rougher paper, then you may make some fine lines if you so wish. 

Just check with that this is suitable with the paint that you've used. Ask the store handyperson expert on paints and varnishes if you're unsure.  You can learm more at Scandinavian Print.

So as you can tell, you can custom any of those steps to make the type and amount of weathering and distress in the timber as suits the article of furniture and your taste. Distressed finish on wood furniture may create a French romantic atmosphere in your room or home, or a sense of European elegance, particularly when along with wall art.

Whenever you add those touches to your home, you may create a distinctive feel which will impress yourself and your guests.

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