Whay You Should Use API?

August 15, 2020


Using machine learning to optimize websites
Machine learning is also available to you. The most popular interfaces are the aforementioned Natural language API and the Google Prediction API for Google Docs.

And what can we do to help ourselves with these tools? There are many options, but you can start with:

CRM system management and data organization.
In fact, errors occur quickly in large databases. Especially if the data is entered by individuals. The Google Prediction API can help you verify the accuracy of the data you enter, while also deciding what the missing data might be. It can also help organize data or identify and sort data, such as accurately detecting the language used in a document.

Use the autofill function for accurate forecasts.
CTR (click-through rate), CR (conversion rate), etc. are metrics that are very important to SEO as they help us understand how successful we are at our job and what we will achieve. The advantage of the new technology is that we can also predict more reliably what results we will be able to achieve.

Use the Natural Language API to determine the quality of texts.
All those who write in English can perform optimization by using the Natural Language API to find out what texts the strongest competitors have. This should be your starting point for consulting and writing content that will rank better on Google faster.

Grouping keywords using the autofill feature.

With the help of the autofill function, it is also possible to group keywords, which will help you implement an SEO strategy and track the results. In doing so, however, make sure you have enough relevant information. There should be at least 100,000 or more keywords so that you can get the right information. Now you know how to get search volume for keywords api.

Obtaining accurate CTR data.
Advanced tools can also help you upgrade your data with the Google Search Console. They are able to predict what the CTR will be depending on the type of word and the position achieved.

Recognizes duplicate content.
Duplicate content is what causes SEO professionals the most headaches. Especially when it comes to an online store where you offer the same products in different colors. In this case, you can benefit from Amazon Rekognition - an advanced system that allows you to identify and merge matching subpages.

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