My Christian t-shirts reviewed

April 03, 2021


How to recognize the perfect T-shirt:

  • To a good fit – i.e. individually tailored for body or style. Standard sizes can only very rarely guarantee this good fit.
  • Colour-resistant: Mainstream T-shirts lose color slightly after a few washcycles.
  • Shape-resistant: Another problem of commercially produced T-shirts – often shape or seams do not last long due to poor materials and workmanship.
  • The traditional business model in the fashion sector allows for two almost only two options: either cheap & low quality or inflated prices for luxury labels.
  • Through direct sales, a new size system and the use of high-quality materials, SANVT succeeds in avoiding the weaknesses of traditional fashion brands. I suggest you to go and visit our store here:
    Ken's Christian T-Shirts.

Cut & quality, coupled with a healthy price-performance ratio

We asked men and women around the world what makes the Perfect T-shirt. While the answers were quite different, especially with regard to design, it is striking that the more general requirements for the Perfect T-shirt overlap extremely. In the following, we have divided the answers into three categories:

  1. Shape & Cut
  2. quality
  3. Price

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