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November 12, 2020

 Online competition for websites is increasing day by day. However, they all have one goal in common, to be first on search engines like Google, as only hits on the first page bring most visitors to websites.

 Much has been written about how search engines rank websites according to rankings. However, how do search engines rank websites? What qualities are those that determine that one website is better and more relevant than another?

Search engines analyze and rank websites. Of course, they also have to find them among all the other competitors. How does this whole process work?

Step 1: Search engine robots find the website
Step 2: Index the content on the website and determine relevance
Step 3: Determine the place in the results according to the authority

All together it is easiest to present on the example of a supermarket. Products that are not in the store cannot be found by customers, nor can the store sell them. A new product has been delivered to the store to be added to the shelves in a certain order.  Here you can check google position for keywords.

Great, the product is available for sale. The operation of search engines is the same. They need to find the “product” and sort it into their database. If the website is not found, it is not displayed among the hits and even web users will not find it.

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