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October 02, 2020

 Satisfied customers are the best promotion of any company, which we are also aware of at AdStar. These are the center of our attention and the meaning and goal of our work, as we can only work with satisfied customers in the long run and write success stories.

Through years of work in the field of digital marketing and in cooperation with many top companies in various industries, we have managed to develop our own method of optimization at

Our method, which combines onsite, offsite, local and image optimization with special approaches, allows us to progress faster in positions than classical optimization methods. Through many tests, we have learned about Google's search algorithm in detail, and we are always ready for any changes.

The basic goal of optimization is simple. Namely, we want the website to appear among the first search results for certain keywords. For example, if we sell sports equipment, we want our website to appear at the top of all web search results when, for example, someone searches for skis, fitness equipment or sportswear.

As the website is displayed at the top, more people will visit it. More website visits also means more sales. The ultimate goal of optimization is, as practically always in the business world, to improve sales results.

Although optimization, of course, comes at a cost, it is still a much cheaper alternative to paid online advertising. However, the results are often better, as it is indirect advertising that does not repel the consumer and does not force him to make a choice.

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