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June 17, 2020

Situs Judi is a practitioner of the peculiar version of energy healing based on the tenets of faith, visualization and state control. The name is derived from an ancient tantric yoga philosophy that focuses on meditation, sound, energy and physical experience as methods to manipulate the body's inherent energy flow.
The practice of Situs Judi was initiated by John Michael Ruskin, the son of the British Prime Minister. He was trained in tantra and even served in a military regiment in Burma. Although his career was derailed by his religious beliefs, he eventually became one of the most influential and well-known British artists of the last century.
Situs Judi uses two primary methods of energy healing. These are focused prayer and focused visualization.
The meditational process of Situs Judi is based upon the idea that by focusing our mental faculties on a specific object (such as a picture or rituals) we can move this energy from the focused object and transport it into the body. This movement is believed to allow us to achieve "an outside" connection to an "inside" energy, which we can then manipulate, for healing purposes.
Through this focus, we can either absorb the actual energy's energy-field or allow this energy to be carried out and "out-directed" through our minds. This is often done through a "slow and silent breathing" which allows us to channel our mind into a calm, relaxed awareness. The practitioner's mind is allowed to become completely void of all thought.
In the modern version of the practice, the meditational prayer is called Kuthumi. This is composed of a word or phrase. It is not simply a mantra but instead represents the practitioner's prayer to the God of Tantra for the objective of healing. It is also the description of the practitioner's deepest need to move out of one's self.
The mantra itself is based upon a pkv games Yoga Tantra mantra. The word has five syllables, while the mantra has six. It has an association with faith (Karma) and yang (the feminine). Both of these concepts are used to align and focus energy into energy.
In Situs Judi, the use of the mantras is associated with the visualization of a previously selected location. It is claimed that the meditative process alone can change the state of the energy within the body and cause other changes such as pain relief, headaches, digestive issues and healing of various diseases.
The practitioner must ensure that the visualization is allowed to occur without interruption and that the patient must not be aware of the visual manifestations. After all, in Situs Judi, the focus is on the visualizations.

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